Trucks for Tykes on Will and Grace

The new “Will and Grace” episodes have been a lot of fun, specially the one just recently rerun where Jack and Karen get an ear worm from a charity commercial (public service announcement). The charity is Trucks for Tykes and the song goes:
“Trucks for Tykes, Trucks for Tykes
Give your truck to Trucks for Tykes
You’ll help Tom and Sue and Chuck
So give a darn and give a truck!”
The song is so infectious that they start it up anywhere, even waiting for an elevator. In the elevator they wish they could stop and decide to slap it out of each other. So while they sing they are busily slapping the *#?% out of each other.
Hence my version:
“Will and Grace, Will and Grace
Karen and Jack and Will and Grace
I will slap you in the face
If you’re not watching Will and Grace!”

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