“Sharper Objects” on HBO (2018) – reviewed by George

Last night was the second hour of eight, and I bailed about halfway through. I love Amy Adams. She’s really super. And I’m crazy for Gillian Flynn; I think “Gone Girl” was the best movie that year. But the one sin I can never forgive is boredom. This show is so slow! So that’s it for this kid, the TV will be tuned to something else next Sunday.
And then this morning when I first woke up, I suddenly remembered that I had been warned. A newspaper reviewer had said that “Sharper Objects” ought to be the big show this summer, but it couldn’t be because it was too long. Her idea was that the producers should have lost two hours along the way (I’m guessing that as a professional she got an advance DVD and binged it).
Anyhoo, my advice to you is not to worry if you forgot to watch – you didn’t miss a thing.

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1 Response to “Sharper Objects” on HBO (2018) – reviewed by George

  1. nita166 says:

    Thank you for the heads up. I was thinking I needed to give this a try as I do like many of the actors. However I going to pass on it. I know when to follow good advice.

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