The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Season Three, Disc Three (1966) – reviewed by George

Episode 7: The Thor Affair
Illya and Solo  (David McCallum and Robert Vaughn) arrive somewhere in the Indian subcontinent in a country where Fazir Nahdi (CoStar Harry Davis) is the President. He is fasting (17 days and counting) in order to shame world leaders into agreeing to attend a disarmament conference. He is in a bed out on a balcony where he can be heard by the crowd below as he talks to his constant caregiver, Dr. Diljohn (Ken Renard).
And as U.N.C.L.E. expected there is an assassin in the crowd, Mohan Kiru (CoStar Arthur Batanides). Luckily as President Fazir rises shakily to tell the crowd he has just heard that his request for a conference has been granted, a kitten gets between his feet, and he is terribly allergic. So his sneeze as Kiru fires saves his life.
Solo and Illya try their best to get to the building Kiru fired from, but the crowd is too thick.
Solo and Illya arrive in Geneva to attend the conference. At Security a guard with his back to camera puts a bomb in Solo’s suitcase. Then he turns to watch the two men walk away, and it is Mohan Kiru. Soon they meet grade-school teacher Nellie Canford (Star Linda Foster), who has an interesting tooth – when she has too much rum it acts like a radio and she can pick up telephone conversations (and other stuff) around her. That’s how she knows there’s a bomb in Solo’s suitcase and she throws it off the balcony.
Kiru’s boss is Brutus Thor (Guest Star Bernard Fox) and he plays host to Pres. Nahdi. As a cover he has a toy empire and talks peace. He also kills those around Nahdi to isolate him, and uses a spray made of cat dander on page 10 of Nahdi’s speech, and gives Nahdi a handkerchief which has been treated with an explosive which reacts with moisture – even the slightest bit of moisture. So when Nahdi gets to page 10 he will sneeze and destroy everyone at the conference. So much for disarmament.
We believe in Nellie, but how can she help in this scenario? And how can the boys ever find out about the handkerchief?
Fast moving and exciting, with a good smiley villain in Mr. Thor, and an evil smirky one in Kiru.
Written by Don Richman & Stanley Ralph Ross, Directed by Sherman Marks.

Episode 8: The Candidate’s Wife Affair
In San Francisco at a National Convention (held in Convention Hall – how’s that for logical?) the lead candidate Senator Bryant (Co-Star Richard Anderson) puts his wife Miranda (Guest Star Diana Hyland) into a taxi and turns to go back inside. There are many, many photographers and one is Solo, who sticks his head through the window and says, “Does your husband know?” “Certainly not, Mr. Solo. Besides, who’s going to kidnap me with you by my side? Get in.” They go to a salon where Miranda is to get a beauty treatment, and Solo is delayed at the door by the need to get permission from Monsieur to let a man in. Permission granted, but Miranda has already been replaced by a lookalike who really knows her job. She is Irina (also Diana Hyland). Solo has a wonderful morning with the duplicate (who really believes she IS Miranda), and after delivering her back to the convention, he gets back to U.N.C.L.E.’s San Francisco HQ a happy man, only to be brought down by the news: he has spent the day protecting a sham. He doesn’t believe it – she was exactly the same. So Mr. Waverly (Leo G. Carroll) and Kuryakin show him how they found out. On a screen like an X-ray screen they project an audiogram of Miranda’s voice from the U.N.C.L.E. files, alongside an audiogram of the woman who answered the phone when they called to find out why Solo was so late. And she identified herself as Mrs. Bryant.
And then a scene with the kidnappers reveals that they will send her back conditioned to obey their every wish. Now “Miranda” returns to D.C. but will return for her husband’s acceptance speech, which the Senator and his campaign manager, Arnold Fairbanks, (Co-Star Larry D. Mann) are writing together. The manager is the one who wants Miranda to go away, so the Senator can pay more attention to the speech. Doesn’t give our guys much time to find the real Miranda and unbrainwash her.
The evil staff at the salon? Dr. Osvald Caxton (Than Wyenn), Signe (AnnaLisa), and Etienne (James Daris).
Written by Robert Hill, Directed by george waGGner.

Episode # 9: The Come with Me To the Casbah Affair
Algiers: Colonel Hamid (Jacques Aubuchon) is reading and he yells out, “Pierrot!” Pierrot La Mouche (Pat Harrington) comes running, changing his coat on the way, to see what the Colonel wants. He wants grapes, more grapes. Pierrot hands him the bowl of grapes which was about 6 feet away, and asks if he can go to lunch. He can. As he hurries away he almost collides with Ali (Peter Barone), with whom Hamid discusses Pierrot’s lunch habits – he used to bring it, now he goes out every day. Ali says well, he has a woman. She runs the bistro at the corner and her name is Janine (Danielle de Metz).
At the bistro Illya walks in and recites the code (a very long sentence) to Janine, who says, “What?!” So he starts again. “Oh, you’re the one Pierrot is expecting. Sit down, he’ll be here in a minute.”
Back at Hamid’s Ali has brought a letter from Thrush Central. Hamid asks Ali to peel a pomegranate for him. The bowl of fruit is at Hamid’s knee, but Ali complies, while Hamid opens the letter.
Bistro: Pierrot walks in and tells Janine that the man who is waiting for him will pay one million francs for this book, and he shows her a 14th century printing of poetry called The Hafiz. Janine thinks he is crazy, but she takes him to Illya.
Hamid’s: Hamid tells Ali to fetch the book from the bookshelf, but Ali can’t find it. Hamid begins to palpitate – it’s the book used to decode his messages from Thrush, and it’s an excellent choice: there are only two copies in the world. They head for the bistro – not because they suspect Pierrot of anything, but he might have moved the book and can tell them where it is, AND Hamid wants a look at Janine. Hamid recognizes Illya and a brawl begins, sending Illya to the hospital and necessitating Solo’s arrival.
A Casbah episode is a great idea, and Special Guest Star Abbe Lane play Ayesha, Hamid’s belly-dancing girlfriend.
A straightforward plot in an exotic setting with two beautiful women – what more can you ask for?
Story by Robert Hill and Danielle Branton and Norman Lenzer, Teleplay by Robert Hill, Directed by E. Darrell Hallenbeck.

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