The House With Clocks In The Walls (2018) Reviewed by Anita ***

Jack Black brings his general fun self to the screen as Uncle Jonathan in this fantasy/thriller.  Along side the bubbly, always classy Cate Blanchett who is the feisty witchy neighbor/friend Mrs. Zimmerman. These two come together in a very Harry Potter styled movie about family, adventure and believing in magic.

Ten year-old Lewis is orphaned and goes to live with his odd ball Uncle Jonathan in a creaky old house.  The house seems to be alive with a mysterious ‘tick tock’ noise coming from the walls.  As Lewis settles in to his new home and life he learns about his uncle’s magic and his witchy friend Mrs. Zimmerman.  In an effort to fit in at school Lewis steals a spell, a very dangerous spell, to share and show off to his ‘friend’.  Lewis accidentally awakes the dead. By doing so he also reveals a secret endangering the whole world.

Family friendly The House With Clocks In the Walls is shorter than the title and well worth the watching. Not a masterpiece but enjoyable. Not really spooky but funny enough to keep all ages engaged. Great for movie goers new to horror, actually it is completely milder than Harry Potter.  I got a kick out of it.  It is perfect for the small screen, not to mention if Jack Black doesn’t make you laugh you just don’t have a funny bone.

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