Robert Downey Jr. is Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” – reviewed by George

This pits Holmes and Watson (Jude Law) against Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris), who is trying in 1891 to start a World War. The winner? Who cares! Moriarty just wants to be the one, the only one, selling bullets and bandages.
He has henchmen exploding bombs in France and Germany and circulating rumors about nationalists and anarchists: pick one (or two, as I said, who cares?). And on a London street one of the above passes a bomb to Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams).
Overall I didn’t like it. The first big fight scene is so poorly shot and edited that it’s hard to tell what is happening: only the outcome is clear. Of course you may disagree.
Then there’s this: on a purely personal level, I didn’t like it that Irene got killed. And so early! The opening credits had not even run. We all know about Special Appearances, but that’s ridiculous!
But the very worst travesty here is this take on Holmes. Of course he looks down on everyone else from the majestic heights of his superior intellect, but did he have to be a boor and a bore? That’s not reinvention; that’s destruction. Mrs. Hudson (Geraldine James) is the only one who puts him in his place and she has fewer lines than Irene. Only Lestrade (Eddie Marsan) gets less screen time.
Briefly (as briefly as I can) John is getting married to Mary {Morstan maybe?} (Kelly Reilly), and Sherlock manages to screw up the bachelor party where they meet Madam Simza (Noomi Rapace), who first seems like a villain, but later works with the good guys to save her brother. Holmes also screws up the wedding by delivering a drunk groom. Then he goes with them on their honeymoon and throws Mary off the train. The script is so annoyingly faux-clever.
Colonel Sebastian Moran (Paul Anderson) is also helping Moriarty, and Holmes has Mycroft (Stephen Fry) on his side, who has a nude scene (OMG!) And talking about her brother, Holmes tells Simza, “We shall not only save his life, but prevent the collapse of Western Civilization.” See what I mean? And finally (altogether now!) IT’S TOO LONG!!
Written by Michele Mulroney and Kieran Mulroney, Directed by Guy Ritchie.

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