Doomsday Prophecy (2011) – reviewed by George

In the forests of northern Bulgaria an Agent Garcia (Bruce Ramsay) arrives to gather facts from a group of scientists already settled there because of the world’s worst ever environmental disaster. The Black Sea has ceased to exist. Their leader Dr. Yates (Hiro Kanagawa) welcomes Garcia and explains that the central seabed was hit by a cluster of earthquakes ranging from 6 to 7.8 on the Richter Scale. And 133,000 cubic miles of water disappeared into the Earth. Garcia quotes from the writer Rupert Crane (Matthew Walker), and it sounds exactly like what just happened. Dr. Yates asks Mr. Garcia what governmental department he represents, and he says National Defense. Dr. Yates asks what Defense has to do with earthquakes, and Garcia bloviates and goes back to his car and driver, a corporal. Garcia calls a general to report, and as the ground begins to shake he says a tremor is coming – he will call back. He jumps in the jeep and they drive away.
Meanwhile Dr. Yates has felt the tremor and has ordered a pack-up of equipment and a withdrawal from the area, which quickly becomes an order for withdrawal only, as cracks begin to form in the dry seabed and the earth begins to fall into the widening hole.
New York: A news broadcast says that the death toll associated with the Black Sea disaster is unprecedented, and that mass evacuations are underway. The author Rupert Crane is on the phone to Sam Lovell (Jerry Wasserman) of Sidwell Publishing and he tells Lovell, “Just follow my instructions and the book is yours.” and Lovell hangs up very happy. He calls proof-reader Eric Fox (AJ Buckley) into his office and asks him what he knows about Crane. “”Self-proclaimed prophet – disappeared,” And Lovell says, “Guy’s a modern-day Nostradamus! He prophesied 9-11, the Iraq War, big disasters. Then he vanished after making his last publisher rich. And he wants Sidwell to have his new book!” Crane also requested Eric (by name) to pick up the manuscript somewhere in the mountains of British Columbia. Lovell adds: “You’re leaving early tomorrow. You gotta be at some diner by 10 a.m.” Eric argues, but Lovell wants to please Crane, so – Eric goes.
The next day in British Columbia an archeology professor, Brooke Calvin (Jewel Staite), and her pupils are in the field and she tells them about a Mayan calendar which links an ancient disaster with an event happening again right now: the alignment of our solar system with the galactic equator. Then Crane calls her cell and wants her help: he wants to meet, she cites her schedule, he says New York is next, and that he’ll keep in touch. Then an earthquake hits New York, and the city is destroyed.
Soon Eric and Brooke will meet and work together, and be joined by Raven (Roseanne Supernault) and her Gramps (Gordon Tootoosis), and they will be hunted and hampered by General Slate (Alan Dale), who is not your ordinary egoist, but is a clinically insane one, and his killer dog Agent Henning (Rick Ravanello).
The good people win, but some of them pay a high price, and while the science may be sketchy, the digital effects by Lux Visual Effects are not – they’re excellent.
Written by Jason Bourque and Shawn Linden, Directed by Jason Bourque.

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