Jonny Lee Miller is Sherlock Holmes in Elementary: Season One, Episodes 1, 2, and 3 (2012) – reviewed by George

Episode 1: Pilot
Okay, in this iteration, which I am watching for the first time, Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miler) is a recovering addict who broke out of the treatment facility on the day he was to be released, and is living on his father’s largesse in the worst of the five properties Daddy owns in New York (according to Sherlock). He has also had to agree to knuckle down and put up with the companion (Sherlock says “addict sitter”) his father has hired, a live-in former surgeon Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), who will help him avoid drugs now that he is away from treatment. Sherlock’s acuity at turning observation into knowledge which is  speedy and spot-on, surprises her, but does not confound her.
At her first meeting with her new patient he is shirtless, his left arm covered with tattoos. He talks about his physical regimen which includes sex, and his desire to get out of the house as quickly as possible. He throws on some clothes and they go.
They end up at a crime scene where Sherlock introduces Joan to Lt. Gregson (Aidan Quinn) as his personal valet. The crime: the wife, Amy Dampier (Annika Boras), of a prominent physician, Doctor Mantlo (Dallas Roberts) has been assaulted and kidnapped. They enter the crime scene, and Sherlock makes sound conclusions from his observations: observations anyone could make, conclusions probably not. And Sherlock disagrees with the kidnapping idea, and when the police sneer, he locates the body.
There’s a wonderful moment when Joan asks him how he knew a particular fact and he says, “Google. Not everything is deducible.”
And Joan is a fast learner – she subtly directs his gaze to a shoe box with the size written on it while they are visiting a suspect, Peter Saldua (Craig Walker). In fact Joan is as intuitive about Sherlock as he is about everybody who enters his orbit. Looks like she’s going to be a big help.
Written by Robert Doherty, Directed by Michael Cuesta.

Episode 2: While You Were Sleeping
This episode introduces a new regular: Det. Bell (Jon Michael Hill) who, unlike Gregson, has no previous knowledge of Holmes or his abilities, so is impatient and aggressive.
The case involves a hefty inheritance, with legitimate and illegitimate heirs, disguises, coma, and a killer who waits in a comfy chair for the victim to come home.
A real test for our team (team? Sherlock isn ‘t having that!).
Written by Robert Doherty, Directed by John David Coles.

Episode 3: Child Predator
Brooklyn 2005 – a boy of 12 is walking to school and a man he knows stops and offers him  a lift. The boy’s only question is “What are those for?” The back seat is awash with helium-filled balloons, and the answer is, “For your parents.” When they drive away the boy’s school books have been left on the sidewalk with the balloons, all lettered “Thank You”, tied to them. Adam Kemper was that first victim and # 7, Mariana Castillo, was taken last night (in 2012).
Holmes’s interest dates back to Adam’s death when he was still in London. Each case has followed the same pattern, so the murderer is called The Balloon Man. And Holmes thinks he can save Mariana. A good case with several surprises, and a lot of drama. I’m longing to say more, but I refuse to spoil this for you.
Written by Peter Blake, Directed by Rod Holcomb.

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