Jonny Lee Miller is Sherlock Holmes in Elementary: Season One, Episodes 4, 5, and 6 (2012) – reviewed by George

Episode 4: The Rat Race
Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu), introduced as his assistant, are hired to find an executive (the COO) of a Fortune 500 company, but Sherlock does his background check before the first meeting with the Board. He then proceeds to name all of the executives, former COOs, who have died or disappeared in the last several years. And he seems to be accusing the man who will now be the new COO of kidnapping or worse, which pretty much concludes the meeting. However, he is not exactly fired, and continues to investigate.
Then he disappears and Joan is forced to tell Lt. Gregson (Aidan Quinn) of the real connection between herself and Sherlock to get him to help her figure out where Sherlock is (she needs police equipment to track Sherlock’s cell phone).
They succeed and, way out in the country, arrest the murderer and save Sherlock’s life, although his idea of the rescue is distinctly different.
Various workers at the firm are portrayed by these actors, listed alphabetically rather than by billing, since billing is always a clue, don’t you agree? Craig Bierko, Luke Kirby, Andrew Pang, Susan Pourfar, Molly Price, and Jennifer Van Dyck.
Written by Craig Sweeny, Directed by Rosemary Rodriguez.

Episode 5: Lesser Evils
A hospital case where someone seems to be selecting victims with a certain condition and then bumping them off. Some of the suspects are: Dr Mason Baldwin (David Harbour), Dr. Cahill (Ben Rappaport), and Dr. Carrie Dwyer (Anika Noni Rose). And you know the killer is not Dr. Cahill, because he doesn’t get a first name.
Written by Liz Friedman, Directed by Colin Bucksey.

Episode 6: Flight Risk
A small jet owned by an aviation company crashes, killing all on board. Sherlock makes deductions that include: one of the dead was murdered before the flight and stuffed into the cargo space. Brian Kerwin and Matthew Humphreys play two of the suspects, but while the case is interesting and well-thought out, the most interesting thing about the episode is that Sherlock refuses to have dinner with his father, who hired Joan, because “He won’t show. He never does.” Joan goes anyway and meets the man (Roger Rees), since he does show up and they have a nice dinner together, but later he admits to not being Mr. Holmes; he is Alistair Moore and it’s true – Mr. Holmes never does show up. He tries to calm Joan down by telling her about a special friend of Sherlock’s, and later when she comes in late (Sherlock has solved the case and is waiting up for her), she surprises Sherlock by asking, “Who is Irene?”.
Written by Corinne Brinkerhoff, Directed by David Platt.

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