The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.: Season One, Episodes 7, 8. and 9 (1966) – reviewed by George

Episode 7: The Danish Blue Affair
Whereas “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” certainly used humor, here we have what I call “Cutesie” humor, where the names of people and places are supposed to tickle you – I am only irritated. Example: Danish Blue refers to a cheese in which microdots have been used to replace the blue bits. It is made in Granny’s Gingerbread and Cheese Shop in Denmark by Granny herself (Virginia Gregg) and is for Thrush. Okay so far. Now, her two helpers are Hansel (Mark De Vries) and Gretel (Cindy Taylor), who follow recipes and Hansel makes deliveries, and Granny has a big oven that a person could fit in. Cute!
And the innocent customer, Stanley Umlaut (Dom De Luise), who thought he was trying out samples and ate some Danish Blue by mistake, now has microdots in his stomach and Thrush needs them to complete a new weapon of destruction, aimed at submarines, so wants to kidnap him and cut them out. Then Stanley, like a used grocery bag, will be discarded (or maybe recycled, but I don’t think that was much of a consideration in 1966). And now who’s being cute? OMG, I’ve caught the bug!
April and Mark spend most of the episode protecting Stanley, until the time for installing the microdots has passed and the submarine-destroying mechanism explodes.
The main Thrush agent is Ole Bergman (Lloyd Bochner), and Fritz Feld has a nice bit as a chef.
Note: Lloyd Bochner was a marvelous actor who has 214 credits listed on As you read through the list, you realize he played on almost every TV series that existed during his lifetime.
Written by Arthur Weingarten, Directed by Mitchell Leisen.

Episode 8: The Garden of Evil Affair
The god Cambodysis must be reincarnated in the body of his great-great-great-great granddaughter (has to be a direct descendant and no males are available), and U.N.C.L.E. must stop it because of the items needed to create the process. Arnold Moss is the guest star and Randy Kovacs (Randy Kirby) has become a regular. Oscar Beregi plays the director of the film within the film.
Written by John O’Dea and Arthur Rowe, Directed by Jud Taylor.

Episode 9: The Atlantis Affair
For years Professor Henry Antrum (Sidney Blackmer) has been looking in the Caribbean for Atlantis. Why do you scoff? The Caribbean is part of the Atlantic!
And now, as he finds it, Thrush is on his case because he has been theorizing that Atlantis was powered by Quartz Crystals with strange properties. Mr. Waverly (Leo G. Carroll) sends April (Stephanie Powers) and Mark (Nigel Harrison) to protect Antrum and uses Randy to keep track of them. Antrum’s crystals are the real deal and Thrush sends Colonel Frank Faber (Khigh Dhiegh) to eliminate everybody on the island and retrieve the crystals. Well, “everybody” includes Antrum, April, Mark, and Vic Ryan (Denny Miller) who owns a boat and takes people up and down the river (when there are people other than Antrum and Thrush). Actually Vic gets along well with Antrum, but the Thrush guys keep trying to kill him. After a series of shooting matches where the Thrush guys seem unable to aim a machine gun, April has a sword fight with the original weirdo on the island, a Frenchman left over from Colonial times who dresses in regal 18th century attire, Honore Le Gallows (Claude Woolman).
So, action: explosions, gun battles, that sword fight, the sad final destruction of the crystals – but no worries, at the end Antrum is trying to convince Ryan that there are still more crystals buried in the caves of the island, and now that all the bad guys (and U.N.C.L.E) are gone it should be much easier to find them. Good luck, gentlemen!
Written by Richard Mathieson, Directed by E. Darrell Hallenbeck.

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