Jonny Lee Miller is Sherlock Holmes in “Elementary”: Episode 10 (2012) and Episodes 11 and 12 (2013) – reviewed by George

Episode 10: The Leviathan
Refers to an impregnable safe which actually has been broken into once before, and now has been broken into again. Sherlock investigates the first robbery, the new robbery, and the court transcripts from the first robbery’s trial with an emphasis on the jury, who after all were shown the plans and heard all the testimony about methodology. While solving the case he also manages to make Joan’s mother (Freda Foh Shen) proud of Joan’s job as sober companion for the first time. But Joan (Lucy Liu) is still leaving in less than a day.
Written by Corinne Brinkerhoff and Craig Sweeny, Directed by Peter Werner.

Episode 11: Dirty Laundry
The two women who comprise the cleanup crew at a hotel’s laundry find a dead body in one of the washing machines: the body of Terry Purcell, the hotel manager. Her husband Oliver (Mark Moses) is a suspect, everyone wants to protect her young daughter Carly (Melissa Farman), and as the case looks prostitution-related, Geoffrey Silver (Jake Weber) becomes a suspect. And then everything gets turned on its head as they discover a connection to Russian spies.
Written by Liz Friedman and Christopher Silber, Directed by John David Coles.

Episode 12: M.
Joan is leaving, and she’s trying to set up an “extraction protocol”, but Sherlock gets a call about a murder and off they go. At the scene Sherlock recognizes the work of a serial killer he first pursued in London. The man has an unusual preoccupation with blood.
The murderer is called M. (Vinnie Jones) and Sherlock tells Joan that he killed Irene. AND he has no intention of turning him in, but intends to torture and kill him. But then when he has M. at his mercy, M. says he was in prison when Irene was killed, and that is easily corroborated and is true. M. further states that Moriarty killed Irene – so who is this guy? Sebastian Moran?
Written by Robert Doherty, Directed by John Polson.

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