Anything (2017) – reviewed by George

Early Landry (John Carroll Lynch) is a widower – his wife died in a car wreck, and he just can’t move on. He moves to Los Angeles and moves in with his sister Laurette (Maura Tierney) and her family: husband Ted (Christopher Thornton) and son Jack (Tanner Buchman). It’s okay, but less than perfect, so Early moves to Hollywood, over Laurette’s strong protestations, and finds an apartment for $1400 a month. I don’t know about his pension, but he was an insurance something or other. Maybe just a good saver.
There he meets the neighbors and most are using drugs. Some of the women are clearly prostitutes, and one man is transitioning. He (she) is Freda (Matt Bomer). Of all of Early’s new friends, Freda is the most grounded and the kindest.
Early likes having her in his life and as they grow closer, he invites the family over for dinner and to meet Freda. Disaster, as Laurette is really rude and cruel, even while Ted and Jack are trying to shut her up and calm her down. Freda leaves, and then Early tells Laurette, “Leave my house.”
The situation is unusual, but the presentation of intolerance is deeply felt and well done. Freda is hurt and disgusted with herself, since she feels she set herself up for it, and she moves to San Francisco. That leaves Early devastated because he is now pretty much alone. The resolution is believable and fitting.
Written and Directed by Timothy McNeil.
Note: This is a gift to sitcom fans. Casting John Carroll Lynch (The Drew Carey Show), Maura Tierney (NewsRadio), Michael Boatman (Spin City), Melora Hardin (Monk, The Office, and Wedding Band), Margot Bingham (Spin City), and Matt Bomer (Will and Grace) was great. It was certainly interesting recognizing people in such different roles.

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