Christmas in Montana (2019) – reviewed by George

Widow Sara Bradley (Kellie Martin) is a highly respected loan officer at Mayer-Hall, and she is being sent to Big Fork, Montana just before Christmas to help a client who needs a new loan consolidated with current indebtedness (but of course only if there’s a way they can pay it back). She takes her daughter Chloe (Ava Preston) along since the kid is out of school, and it might be fun.
They arrive in town and decide to visit St. Nick’s KnickKnacks, where the clerk (Colin Ferguson) is humorous and helpful. There’s a bit of a spark between the adults, which Chloe moves rapidly to discourage, “Let’s go over here.”
They check in and head for the ranch to meet Travis Carson. They see the man who certainly seems to be in charge, and Sara introduces herself. Travis (Art Hindle) says, “Right name, wrong generation. You’re looking for my son.” And Junior is.. the man from Knick Knacks, who was helping out a family friend, Kay (Victoria Snow). Kay is involved with Senior, not Junior, who is  a widower with a daughter Lexi (Kayla Hutton). The two girls bond over horses
Sara reaches the conclusion that layoffs are the first step to bringing the ranch to profitability, but Travis defends his men, saying that they and their dependents are like family. Then she wonders why he gives away trees at Christmas to the town’s families, and so on. The man is nothing like the men she knows: he’s caring and unselfish, and she just doesn’t get it.
As the deadline looms, she feels like giving up and letting foreclosure happen, but her boss calls, asking why it’s taking so long to reach an obvious conclusion, and in his criticism she recognizes the solution.
A deeply felt film, which inspired the same feelings in me. It’s a Christmas movie with the emphasis on Christmas and the things it means to us. Wonderful!
Written by Julie Sherman Wolfe, Directed by TW Peacocke.

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