Ernest Saves Christmas (1988) – reviewed by George

What a hoot!
The character of Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) is one of the great forgotten comedy characters of the last century. Ernest is good, and determined to do the right thing, but he sometimes mistakes the situation in front of him, and does the right thing in the wrong way. He has great faith in himself and in his ability to help people, and that’s usually good.
Orlando, Florida, December 23
But here he’s even more out of his depth than usual, as he tries to help Santa (Douglas Seale), who is growing old and needs to select a replacement, convince the man Santa has selected from all the men in the world, Joe Carruthers (Oliver Clark), to take the reins of the sleigh in hand and deliver the toys from the magic bag to every child in the world. And it’s already Christmas Eve.
Joe is the host of a children’s TV show and really has a great way with kids, but he’s up for a promotion, having been offered a role in a fairly big movie. So some big persuasion will be required.
AND Santa has a sweet supporter at the Children’s Museum there in Orlando, Mary Morissey (Billie Byrd), and a teenage runaway, Harmony (Noelle Parker) has attached herself to Ernest.
Meanwhile the reindeer have arrived at the airport, along with the sleigh, and are confounding the two men in the baggage department (Gailard Sartain and Bill Byrge – both Ernest regulars) by walking around on the ceiling. And when Ernest gets them out by driving the sleigh, you have one of the highpoints in the movie. I laughed and chuckled all through this film, and I’m pretty sure you will too, especially if you like laughs about people who really aren’t equipped to do what they’re trying to do. This is recommended with a smile on my face.
I’m going to find more Ernest movies. They make me happy.
Music Composed by Mark Snow, Story by Ed Turner, Screenplay by B. Kline and Ed Turner, Directed by John Cherry.

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