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Sand Serpents (2009) – reviewed by George

This horror movie is an interesting mix of “And Then There None” and “Tremors”, with giant serpent-like creatures that are huge and have huge mouths lined with teeth just inside the “lips”. They move smoothly under the ground (how?) and … Continue reading

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Everything I Have Is Yours (1952) – reviewed by George

A young married couple, Pamela and Chuck Hubbard (Marge and Gower Champion), is rehearsing on stage with chorus for their Broadway debut in the musical “My Sunday Girl” and it’s now 3 a.m.The director is saying that it worked better … Continue reading

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Scary Movie (2000) – reviewed by George

This horror comedy takes inspiration from horror films of the 1980’s and 1990’s, and both uses them as plot points and as comedy fodder. Laughs and shocks share equal time as we follow a killer who wears a black robe … Continue reading

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Midsomer Murders, Season 3, Episode 4, “Beyond the Grave” (2000) – reviewed by George

This week’s village: Aspern Tallow.A tour guide is leading a group of tourists and telling a tale of a local man who fought the Roundheads, and then was shot dead just when he thought he had escaped those following him. … Continue reading

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Upstart Crow, Season 2, Episode 1, “The Green-Eyed Monster” – reviewed by George

Play satirized this week: Othello.Will (David Mitchell) meets an African Prince, Otello (Steve Toussaint), who is attracted to Kate (Gemma Whelan), and the attraction is mutual. His tales of his life and adventures are wondrous both to hear and to … Continue reading

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Zasu Pitts and Thelma Todd in “The Soilers” (1932) – reviewed by George

The girls are door-to-door saleswomen using the old, “I’m working my way through college” hook, and having no luck at all with housewives, so they decide to go downtown and try to sell to men. After all, their pitch says … Continue reading

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Eddie Cantor in two talkie short subjects (1929 and 1930) – reviewed by George

Getting a Ticket (1929)In court a policeman has arrested Eddie and his wife for canoodling in the park, but the case is dismissed when Eddie produces their marriage license. Outside the policeman apologizes, “I didn’t know that was your wife.” … Continue reading

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Notice by George

I wanted to get all seven holiday movies I watched this year published by Christmas Day, so the debut of my first female detective has been pushed back to next Friday. Check her out on December 7!

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Write Before Christmas (2018) – reviewed by George

This is like a wonderful smorgasbord of Christmas romances, but with one featured a little more than the others, and with Christmas cards figuring in every tale.Jessica (Torrey DeVitto) sends cards to her brother in the army, her aunt, her … Continue reading

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If I Only Had Christmas (2020) – reviewed by George

Darcy (Candace Cameron Bure) has a phenomenal dog, trained to do Christmas tricks on command. She also has a job at GUMM Public Relations. There’s a buffet at the office Christmas party, but nevertheless Darcy is a real people person … Continue reading

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