Art Reflecting Life : Commentary by Anita

This lock down thing is all-out depressing. I don’t have cable and had no internet so it was pretty easy to be in the dumps. Mind-rotting. Then I remembered art reflecting life and decided to have a movie moment in my home town. All I needed was the opportunity to present itself and it did!

“Meet Me in St. Louis” is one of my all time favorite movies. Both George and I have blogged it. My sisters and I annually get together to watch this film. Before we had Zoom, the three of us would watch it and be on the phone together because we live so far apart. Needless to say this is a classic childhood favorite. Know every song by heart. In my small Northern California town they have introduced Trolleys you can ride all over town for free. Main Street in my town is a Victorian city-scape so the trolleys are just the right mode to take downtown. Small shops, antiques everywhere, side walk café. Awesome art on the buildings that date back over 100 years. We even have tunnels that connect the buildings together used by the Chinese immigrants who loaded and unloaded the ships that came up and down the Sacramento River. All very quaint. You have got to see where I’m going with this (Ha! Ha! Ha!). Yep! My sister, my mom and I all got gussied up for an afternoon on the Trolleys. We sang “Ding ding ding”, had on big hats, and the best part: my mom’s name is Esther! I played Rose; my sister played all the other gals. Mostly I felt she was Tootie for sure.

My reason for sharing this with you is I want you to do the same thing! Act out one of your favorite moments from one of your favorite movies. And feel silly. This virus has taken all the fun out of us. Take it back. You had to see three grown women (mom 74, me 54, sister 53) two with walkers, me with cane, sing on the trolley. Folks took pics as we were dressed up (mask included). And they sang along too. Can’t wait to hear about your art reflecting life movie moment, please, just as soon as you have recreated it!
OH! And watch “Meet Me in St. Louis”! 5 STARS!

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