Pan Am, Episode 2, “We’ll Always Have Paris” (2011) – reviewed by George

Last week London and this week the Clipper flies to Paris with all the regular crew. However, one unexpected passenger is aboard: the Cameron girls’ mother (Miriam Silverman), who wants to talk to Laura (Margot Robbie) about ditching her own wedding. Mom is PO’d. So naturally Laura wants to avoid her.
But before seeing Mom the girls are amused by Maggie’s (Christina Ricci) small victory over the mean Miss Havemeyer (Veanna Cox). The stew who is a worried spy gets a new assignment: deliver this box and get the code exactly right before the pass.
And pilot Dean (Mike Vogel) is still concerned about Bridget (Annabelle Wallis), who disappeared in London last trip.
Back to Mrs. Cameron. Neither of her daughters wants to serve her, but one will have to. Well, Laura was strong enough to walk away from her own wedding, but she’s not strong enough to face Mom about it and try to explain, so Kate (Kelli Garner) has to face her and try to play peacemaker.
The layover in Paris takes up most of the episode and Dean does find Bridget. A good episode, well directed and acted. Recommended (especially if you want to know Bridget’s story).
Written by Mike Daniels and Jack Orman, Directed by Christopher Misiano.

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