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Money Pit (1986) Reviewed by Anita ****

Have you ever lived with/through a remodel.  One at any level.  Be is as simple as installing a new bathroom vanity all the way up redoing the whole house?  Stressful is putting it mildly.  Nothing is on time, never comes … Continue reading

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Riverdale (2017) Reviewed by Anita **.5

Are you a comic book fan?  Do you remember  Archie and his gang at Riverdale High School?  No worries if you are not into the comic book fan the series Riverdale is a fresh face to an old fun comic strip.  While … Continue reading

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‘Will’ TV series (2017) Reviewed by Anita ***

Do you like Shakespeare?  Do you get what he is saying?  I do, and I do again.  A new series is airing Monday nights on TNT called ‘Will’ .  There are 10 episodes and it just started July 10 so you have … Continue reading

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Beguiled (1971) Reviewed by Anita ****

Looking for a  creepy, American Gothic story?  This one is a good one.  Beguiled (the 1971 version) is twisted, openly dealing with sexuality on a raw animal level.  Very organic in feel.  Directed by Don Siegel, the story is based on … Continue reading

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The Veil (1958) Reviewed by Anita ***

The Veil is an American TV series I accidentally ran across on Amazon Prime.  Produced by Hal Roach Studios, this Twilight Zone styled TV series never made it to TV.  The show was based on real life supernatural events, and it … Continue reading

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Did you mean to say that? Comment by Anita 2017

I don’t know where to start?  As you know I watch commercials like mini-short-films.  I find them fascinating on a nauseating level.  They both irritate and entertain me at the same time.  Which means I pay attention to the crap they … Continue reading

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Internet issues

Forgive me but I’m going to have to relocate. I am unable to stay online and post my films and comments. The gremlins of technology. Grrrr Be Back ASAP Anita sorry it took me a few days.  thanks for your … Continue reading

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Thanks George!

Hi all! Before I post a few thoughts and things I wanted to give my partner in crime and film a big thank you hug.  George, you have done such a great job keeping things going as my schedule hasn’t … Continue reading

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My Cousin Rachel (1952)-Reviewed by Anita ***

Currently a remake of My Cousin Rachel has just hit theaters.  I understand it is not doing too bad.  Before you see the newest version I would like to invite you to see George Cukor/Henry Koster’s  version starring Richard Burton as Philip … Continue reading

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Immortals (2011)- Reviewed by Anita: **

Director Tarsem Singh has melded a world of real sets and CGI work.  It has a rear visual frame-work and it is creative.  That is about it folks.  I really did not like this movie. The story-telling is boring and … Continue reading

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