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Commentary by Anita-British TV PBS

I’ve been watching a few series that can be either streamed or viewed on Netflix as well as Amazon Prime.  I’d like to suggest a some of them here. Britannia is awesome.  If you liked or like Game of Thrones … Continue reading

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The Dress Maker 2015-Reviewed by Anita ****

Set in 1950’s this comedy-drama is great.  Kate Winslet is excellent as the lead Tilly Dunnage who as a child is banished from her home-town for the murder of one of her classmates in 1926.  25 years later Dunnage returns … Continue reading

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City of Vice (2008) Reviewed by Anita ***

City of Vice is one of the best historic crime dramas I’ve seen in a long time.  Set in 18th century Georgian England  the story is of the Bow Street Runners, London’s very first organized police force as we understand … Continue reading

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Wild Wild West (1965-1969) TV Series-Reviewed by Anita ****

You like Westerns, you love sexy James Bond.  Does your heart jumps at all the action? If you fit that statement this is the TV show for you.  It is a brilliant merging of genres.  A bit comic book campy … Continue reading

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Dark Angel- Reviewed by Anita *****

Dark Angel is a true story about England’s most infamous serial killer Mary Ann Cotton.  This charming, sexually charismatic Victorian lady was born to a bleak life in a small, poor mining village in northeast England.  Ironically her birthday is … Continue reading

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The Professionals (1966) reviewed by Anita ****

The Professionals (1966) **** Directed by Richard Brooks this is a really action packed Western.  I found myself on edge thought the whole film. Set in 1917, this Mexican Revolutionary themed adventure opens up with JW Grant (Ralph Bellamy), who … Continue reading

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Commentary by Anita: 2018 I’m Analog TV

Hello!  Welcome 2018! As I’m sure you folks noticed I’ve been off the grid for a couple of months.  It is great to be back.  I’m looking forward to reading your take on what you (or we) have been watching.  … Continue reading

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Money Pit (1986) Reviewed by Anita ****

Have you ever lived with/through a remodel.  One at any level.  Be is as simple as installing a new bathroom vanity all the way up redoing the whole house?  Stressful is putting it mildly.  Nothing is on time, never comes … Continue reading

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Riverdale (2017) Reviewed by Anita **.5

Are you a comic book fan?  Do you remember  Archie and his gang at Riverdale High School?  No worries if you are not into the comic book fan the series Riverdale is a fresh face to an old fun comic strip.  While … Continue reading

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‘Will’ TV series (2017) Reviewed by Anita ***

Do you like Shakespeare?  Do you get what he is saying?  I do, and I do again.  A new series is airing Monday nights on TNT called ‘Will’ .  There are 10 episodes and it just started July 10 so you have … Continue reading

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