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Harold Lloyd in “Number, Please?” (1920) – reviewed by George

“An old, old story of men who have loved, lost, and tried to forget. Some seek the whispering shadows of the great outdoors, haunted always by the face of the ‘one girl’. Some would lose ‘her’ image in the mystic … Continue reading

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Notting Hill (1999) – reviewed by George

I loved it! As soon as the song “She” began behind the opening credits I was hooked. It’s a great song about a man’s devotion and obsession for one particular woman. Julia Roberts plays a huge American movie star who … Continue reading

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Harold Lloyd in “Haunted Spooks” (1920) and “Never Weaken” (1921) – reviewed by George

Haunted Spooks The titles by H.M. Walker are great! Example: The Girl (Mildred David) is described as “Sweet Sixteen and never… well, only once or twice.” And “The Place” is given as “Go down the Mississippi River several miles and … Continue reading

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Nature’s Grave (2008) – reviewed by George

I was under the impression that this is an ecological parable: “Don’t mess with Mother Nature, or she will seriously mess you up.” But the married couple in this picture have all kinds of problems before they hit the wild … Continue reading

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New Faces (1954) – reviewed by George

I knew of this film, but thought it was called “New Faces of 1953”. Well, I was off by a year, and apparently of the seven films called “New Faces”, only one includes the year in the title: “New Faces … Continue reading

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Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime “N or M?” (2015) – Reviewed by George

In this second recent three-hour adventure with Tommy (David Walliams) and Tuppence (Jessica Raine), Uncle Carter (James Fleet) will send Tommy on a secret mission to find a kidnapped British atomic scientist, Gilbert Worthing (Danny Lee Wynter), a nuclear bomb, … Continue reading

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Night Nurse (1931) – reviewed by George

A Pre-Code picture from Warner Bros., “Night Nurse” features a pair of good but tough nurses (Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Blondell) working with a good bootlegger (Ben Lyon) to defeat a bad chauffeur (Clark Gable) in a plot that combines … Continue reading

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Notorious (1946) – reviewed by George

Alfred Hitchcock’s 33rd film is a spy thriller heavy on suspense. Miami, Florida, 3:20 p.m., April the 24th, 1946. WWII has been over for almost 10 months, but it’s hardly out of the news. A German immigrant, a Mr. Huberman, … Continue reading

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TV Quote # 66: Program Description of “NCIS: Los Angeles”, Season 4, Episode 9, originally broadcast on 12-11-12

“The team investigates a heist executed by gunmen wearing costumes that could directly impact the U.S. economy.” Boy, those must be some costumes! I laughed reading this, I laughed transcribing it , and I’m laughing again right now.

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The Nine Circles of Hell – Comment by George

There ought to be a tenth circle just for people who make commercials. Of all the assaults on the beautiful language that we all share, none are worse than those perpetrated on us all by the makers of commercials. There … Continue reading

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