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Hi folks! Anita here!

Been having a tough time of it getting back in the game and being able to publish. This is actually a test run to see if I got this blasted thing to publish. Fingers crossed!

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Happy Father’s Day (2020) Commentary by Anita

As we get closer to honoring the head of our family (Dad) I got to thinking about my dad. He’s been gone almost three years and not a day goes by I don’t miss him. He was a character. He … Continue reading

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Easter Review Commentary by Anita

Happy Easter old friends and new! I just wanted to suggest a few ideas for you to check out while we are all on lock down USA. If you are having a hard time streaming some of the fun choices … Continue reading

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All Fall Down (1962) – reviewed by George

Great acting by a great cast in a very depressing movie. Clint Willart (Brandon deWilde) arrives in the Florida Keys by bus to find his brother, Berry-Berry Willart (Warren Beatty). He walks to the really nice-looking hotel where Berry-Berry is … Continue reading

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Heavy Metal (1981) – reviewed by George

Based on a comic book with slick covers that really looked like a magazine (so which was it? I vote magazine), this movie has stories taken from the magazine and animated. It’s really good, but definitely adult, as was the … Continue reading

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Some American Stand Up Reviewed by Anita

I’ve been feeling routine with my viewing lately so I decided to switch it up a notch. I randomly looked up Stand Up and I’m happy to say Amazon Prime was there for me. If you’re tired of the same … Continue reading

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The Dark Tower (2017) – reviewed by George

“A tower stands at the center of the universe protecting us from darkness. It is said the mind of a child can bring it down.” Special children, kidnapped from their homes and held in a secret location, are being used … Continue reading

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Summer Nights in July, 2019 – Comment by Anita

So here we are mid-point of the summer and I have to say I’ve landed in a sort of bad TV rut. Analog has limited choices sometimes. Such as weekends and prime time week nights. Even my favorite network METV … Continue reading

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Wine Country (2019) Reviewed by Anita **

Netflix is streaming Wine Country, Amy Poehler’s directorial debut, an American comedy set in the beautiful wine country of Napa Valley, California. Loaded with tons of comedic talent, sadly Wine Country is not so funny. Six close middle-age gal pals … Continue reading

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Shazam vs. Captain Marvel – A Comment by George

As a loyal fan of old comics I was outraged at an article in the paper today. It was written by Tracy Brown of the Los Angeles Times. Brown gives a history of Carol Danvers, who first appeared in a … Continue reading

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