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Part 3 miniseries summer choices by Anita

Howdy! Have you had a chance to check out some of my suggestions yet?  I know everybody is really busy on the road and family vacation which is why these miniseries are just perfect.  So, here is part 3 in … Continue reading

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Part 2 miniseries choice of summer by Anita

As promised here is Part 2 of some my summer miniseries viewing choices.  Hopefully I have not burned you out on BBC stuff.  It is some of my favorites when it comes to just a short miniseries.   Here are two … Continue reading

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Miniseries commentary by Anita: Part 1

Have you been thinking like I have been thinking?  “I don’t want to watch a movie tonight, but I am tired of regular TV.”  I have found a happy medium.  A balance between regular episodes we generally watch and series … Continue reading

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Peter Cushing is Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock Holmes” (1968), Episode 15, “A Study in Scarlet”- reviewed by George

In 1964-1965 the BBC broadcast a Sherlock Holmes series consisting of 13 30-minute black-and-white episodes starring Douglas Wilmer and Nigel Stock. The surviving 11 episodes have been reviewed on bickeringcritics and can be read in the July 2017 collection of … Continue reading

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My Cousin Rachel (1952)-Reviewed by Anita ***

Currently a remake of My Cousin Rachel has just hit theaters.  I understand it is not doing too bad.  Before you see the newest version I would like to invite you to see George Cukor/Henry Koster’s  version starring Richard Burton as Philip … Continue reading

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The Dresser (2015) Reviewed by Anita: ***

Ian McKellen and Anthony Hopkins give a tour-de-force performance in the STARZ original movie The Dresser.   A British play about life in the theater.  Richard Eyre adopted the idea for television based on the work of Ron Harwood.  It recently aired … Continue reading

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