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Comment – Have you checked our Miniseries section? by Anita (2018)

Hi everybody!  Howdy George!  I wanted to make sure our folks check out all the wonderful categories Bickering Critics offers.  If you are having a hard time finding something to watch, please check out all the films, movies, and trivia that … Continue reading

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Money Pit (1986) Reviewed by Anita ****

Have you ever lived with/through a remodel.  One at any level.  Be is as simple as installing a new bathroom vanity all the way up redoing the whole house?  Stressful is putting it mildly.  Nothing is on time, never comes … Continue reading

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Death at a Funeral (2010)–Reviewed by Anita ***

Neil Le Bute directs this bust a gut comedy; if you are in need of a good laugh this is your E-ticket. Death at a Funeral is a remake from a British version same name.  The American ensemble does the original version … Continue reading

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Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Reviewed by Anita– ****

“Let’s do the Time Warp Again”!!! A dance craze made famous by this quirky musical, horror, comedy, British-American film.  Directed by Jim Sharman, this film has become a cult classic picture still running strong for the last 4 decades. We … Continue reading

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The New Season (Fall 2013) – reviewed by George

Now that the stragglers, such as Almost Human, Enlisted, and Ground Floor, have premiered (I’m not watching amy of them, so they may already be gone) I can comment on the few shows that I did sample because they were … Continue reading

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