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Too Many Husbands (1940) – reviewed by George

Mr. William Cardew of Lowndes and Cardew, Publishers, drowned a year ago, and Mr. Henry Lowdes (Melvyn Douglas) is notifying staff that the firm is now Henry Lowndes. Publisher. But his secretary Miss Gertrude Houlihan (Dorothy Peterson) cannot maintain her … Continue reading

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If You Could Only Cook (1935) – reviewed by George

A wedding rehearsal is underway at the bride’s house. She’s very bossy and keeps telling the goom what comes next, as if he’s retarded (of course, he did ask, “What comes next?”) But we already know the groom, Jim Buchanan … Continue reading

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Note on “Seven Chances” by George

Just now I turned on the TV/VDR and learned I had left the disc of “Seven Chances” in the machine, with the Special Features on (without my knowledge). Also included on the Kino disc is a short from 1904 titled “How … Continue reading

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The Whole Town’s Talking ( 1935) – reviewed by George

Well, this is an Edward G. Robinson unlike anything I had ever seen before. He plays a timid office drone, A.F. Jones, who happens to look exactly like Public Enemy No. 1, “Killer” Mannion. Of course he plays Mannion as … Continue reading

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