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The Happytime Murders (2018) – reviewed by George

A very unusual movie – an X-rated puppet show. The puppets will remind you of the Muppets, but their antics will soon end that illusion. After 12 or 13 minutes of watching with my mouth hanging open in disbelief, I … Continue reading

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Cook Off (2017) Reviewed by Anita **

I have to say, this McCarthy is a real let-down.  The biggest reason the movie received any attention is because it was promoted as a Melissa McCarthy comedy.   Yet her character is on-screen about 20 minutes total.   That was the … Continue reading

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Identity Thief (2013) Reviewed by Anita ***

Bear with me; I’ve got another Melissa McCarthy movie to share.  This one co-starring Jason Bateman.  Yep, another comedy, with some real heart as well. I’m not always a huge fan of Jason Bateman as I find he tends to … Continue reading

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Tammy (2014) Reviewed by Anita ***

Yep!  Another McCarthy movie, like I said I really get a kick out of her.  That is just what happened to me watching Tammy .  I have to say, similar to Life of the Party , this is a small … Continue reading

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Life of the Party (2018) Reviewed by Anita **

I really enjoy a good-natured, knee slap kind of movie.  Clean and fun for the family.  Life of the Party kind of brings that idea to the big screen.  However it is better on the small screen.  Melissa McCarthy is … Continue reading

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Ghostbusters (2016) – reviewed by George

This is funny stuff: a gender-switch take on the original – right down to casting Chris Hemsworth as the receptionist, the role played first by Annie Potts.  Four talented and very funny women, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and … Continue reading

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TV Quote # 53: The Graham Norton Show, Season 19, Episode 13

Four of the five stars of this summer’s “Ghostbusters” reboot were on the sofa, and they were talking about the absent one. The consensus seemed to be that he (Chris Hemsworth)  is just too good (and too good-looking) to be … Continue reading

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Spy (2015) – reviewed by George

This spy spoof is loosely patterned after the James Bond films; it has an opening theme that will remind you of Bond (but without undressed models), and it has an opening sequence with Jude Law as the Bond character and … Continue reading

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