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The Aeronauts (2019) Reviewed by Anita *****

This is one of the best action-documentaries I have ever seen. I was on the edge of my seat from opening to ending. This is a must see on the big screen, and that is pretty do-able at home since … Continue reading

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The Joy of Painting (1983-1994) Reviewed by Anita *****

“All you need is the desire to make things beautiful happen on canvas.” –Bob Ross If you ever thought you could not paint Bob will change all that in just one episode. Bob Ross and his show The Joy of … Continue reading

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Quartet 2012 Reviewed by Anita ***

Dustin Hoffman outdid himself directing the British comedy-drama Quartet. Get a cup of tea and some biscuits, and settle down for a wonderful movie. So, this is what happens: the Beecham House is a home for retired musicians, opera singers, … Continue reading

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Howard’s End (1992) Reviewed by Anita ****

This British romantic/drama has one of my favorite period drama stars Emma Thompson as Margaret Schlegel, along side the talented Anthony Hopkins who plays widower Henry Wilcox. This is one of my go-to movies on a rainy day. Intelligent and … Continue reading

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Part 4 Summer Miniseries Choices by Anita

On to part 4 in my ‘summer miniseries choices’.  Enjoy. Humans (2015-2018) ***** Jumping from the 18th century to the near distance future I’d like to suggest the miniseries called Humans. It is a thought provoking science fiction, drama/thriller which … Continue reading

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Part 3 miniseries summer choices by Anita

Howdy! Have you had a chance to check out some of my suggestions yet?  I know everybody is really busy on the road and family vacation which is why these miniseries are just perfect.  So, here is part 3 in … Continue reading

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Part 2 miniseries choice of summer by Anita

As promised here is Part 2 of some my summer miniseries viewing choices.  Hopefully I have not burned you out on BBC stuff.  It is some of my favorites when it comes to just a short miniseries.   Here are two … Continue reading

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Miniseries commentary by Anita: Part 1

Have you been thinking like I have been thinking?  “I don’t want to watch a movie tonight, but I am tired of regular TV.”  I have found a happy medium.  A balance between regular episodes we generally watch and series … Continue reading

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Commentary by Anita-British TV PBS

I’ve been watching a few series that can be either streamed or viewed on Netflix as well as Amazon Prime.  I’d like to suggest some of them here. Britannia is awesome.  If you liked or like Game of Thrones, as … Continue reading

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The Dress Maker 2015-Reviewed by Anita ****

Set in 1950’s this comedy-drama is great.  Kate Winslet is excellent as the lead Tilly Dunnage who as a child is banished from her home-town for the murder of one of her classmates in 1926.  25 years later Dunnage returns … Continue reading

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