Some PBS to take a look at By Anita

As you know from other comments I’ve made I find the TV seasons out of whack.  With that being said I’ve had to take a look at some of the new shows out for the summer.  As a favorite of mine I always look to PBS first.  I’m happy to say they have some good ones for the summer viewing.  I’d like to list what I’m watching lately.  Mostly on Sunday nights.


Poldark:  A Masterpiece Classic  theater production this post American Revolution war hero comes home.  Sadly when he gets home he finds a dying estate, lost love, and a whole lot of opposition from the town around him.  So far pretty good.  I like the acting and the pace to the story.  What I really like about this is the accents are not difficult to understand.  The filming itself is lovely.  Easy to get lost in,

Crimson Fields: This is a hit! WWI volunteers (women) try to fit into an English M.A.S.H. unit.  The hospital is supervised by strict Nuns, staffed with playful surgeons, and shadowed with constant animosity. Each of the nurse volunteers bring their own personal challenges.  We learn the reasons behind their choices for becoming a nurse in such a dangerous setting.  Surprisingly they are not all in the interest of humanity.  It’s a well spent viewing hour in my opinion.  Reminds me very much of the Call of the Midwife.  Another great series.  Give Crimson Fields a try.

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